Abby the Labradoodle

Labradoodles are wonderful family dogs. They are great for the first time pet owner. They are friendly, intelligent, and do well with children and other dogs. They are easy to train, easy care, and make good watch dogs.

Description: Labradoodles are Hybrid Dogs that are a cross between a poodle and a Labrador. They come in various sizes depending upon the size and characteristics of the parents, the lab and the poodle. Their coloring may be black, brown, cream, gray, silver, white, or yellow, again depending upon the color of the parents. There are also miniature Labradoodles for those looking for a smaller dog.

Health: Labradoodles are generally quite healthy. They are prone to hip dysplasia and genetic eye problems depending upon their parents’ genetics. That is why it is so important to get your labradoodle from a reputable dog breeder. Be sure to read the ingredients label when buying dog food. The primary protein should be from a quality animal source, preferably, chicken. Grains such as soy, corn and wheat gluten can be hard to digest and may cause possible allergic reactions. It is not natural for dogs to eat grain, so grains should not be included in the dog food you buy over the counter. Remember, never feed people food to dogs, especially food with a lot of seasoning.

Care: Labradoodles should be brushed at least a couple times a week, with regular grooming every 8 to 12 weeks including ear cleaning, nail clipping, and teeth brushing. Usually there is little shedding with a Labradoodle, however, if it has more characteristics of the lab rather than the poodle, it will have a tendency to shed.

Exercise: Labradoodles are highly energetic so they need to have a regular exercise routine of 30 to 60 minutes every day. Due to their high energy, they may become destructive if they become bored and do not receive the needed daily exercise. Exercising the dog is not only a healthy for the dog, but is also healthy for the pet owner. Walking a dog can be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Training: Labradoodles are very intelligent and are usually easy to train. They like to please their owner so they are inclined to listen to commands with fewer repetitions for obeying specific instructions. They also make good watch dogs. They will bark and alert their owners if an unknown intruder enters their area.

If it is time to own a pet, remember these important facts: Check the local or online Pet Adoption Centers first. There are thousands of pets needing adoption every day; If you are unable to find your perfect pet at the Adoption Center, then begin to conduct research and find a reputable pet breeder from whom to buy a pet. Do not buy from a puppy mill; Always spay and/or neuter the pet; and Be sure to devote quality love, time and attention to care for the pet.

FYI: For those who want to help find homes for pets that need adoption, go online and view profiles of pets who need adoption. Then share the profiles via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email. Perhaps there is someone within a social network who is in need of a pet and is ready to adopt

Animals are wonderful companions. Whether it is a cat or a dog, they can bring so much enjoyment to an individual or a family. Yes, owning pets means taking good care of them with food, shelter, and affection. However, the unconditional love and devotion they provide in return is well worth the effort. There is nothing more rewarding than coming home and being greeted by a dog with a happy face and wagging tail. Regardless of how bad your day has been, your best friend, your dog will be sure to cheer you up.

Remember, only those who have love, passion, time and dedication to care for pets should own pets. Pets are not something that should be bought or adopted one day and forgotten the next.

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