Aikido Will Help With Stress Management

A  form  of  relief  for stress and a way to manage stress is to  exercise. Finding a form of exercise which  combines exercise together with teachings on being calm and relaxed is invaluable to the person seeking stress relief. Aikido is a modern martial art from Japan and is often referred to as the art of peace. It provides an alternative to aggression. Aikido which is also called dojo,teaches students about flexibility and adaptation.

The aikido practice of being relaxed and calm taught in Aikido is central to its principles of spirituality and philosophy. Aikido masters and instructors believe that  ki (energy) can only truly flow completely when one is relaxed.  

Aikido supports flexibility and endurance above muscle and strength building. The belief is that to truly harness the power of ki and allow this energy to flow completely we must be in a relaxed state. The relaxed state cannot be built like muscles through exercise. A spiritual journey must be taken upon by an Aikido student to be able to achieve the state of calm and peace that is vital in combat.Aikido teaches its students to remain calm in the face of an assault. Remaining calm will give you an advantage over the assailant because you will not be caught off  guard and unaware and therefore will not be toppled over or thrown. More advanced techniques teach students not only to fall properly, but also to be able to rebound and plan a counter attack.


Other than combat and the dojo however, Aikido masters and instructors help to develop the concept of spirituality and character within Aikido students so that they can apply Aikido principles everyday in life. The practice of Aikido simultaneously promotes better performance in practice combats as well as in performance in everyday life. Applying aikido techniques in everyday  life is the same as having an unshakable peace and calm that enables you to have the strength needed to withstand even the toughest of life’s challenges. Bear in mind  that Aikido teaches students about flexibility, adaptability, calm and clarity, all of which are useful tools in dealing with life.

Learning Aikido and applying the Aikido techniques within your normal life is an excellent way to gain more power in dealing with stress in your life and helping in the daily trials of life.

Source by Lise Esparon

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