All You Need to Know About Pit Bulls – Origin, Training Tips and Facts

During the nineteenth century, dog breeders in England, Ireland and Scotland started to experiment by crossbreeding Bulldogs and Terriers, looking for a dog that has the combined playful nature of a terrier with the power and muscularity of a Bulldog.

The final result was a fine dog that inherited all the fine qualities of strength, invincible courage, gentleness and vigour at the same time. The Pit bull breed further includes different kinds of sub-breeds like the American Pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire terrier, the Bull terrier and other mixed breeds.

Migrants brought these bull-terrier hybrids into the United States. The American Pit Bull’s many talents did not go unobserved by farmers and ranchers, who used them as catch dogs for minding cattle and hogs, hunting and even as family companions. Ever since the Pit Bull has continued to demonstrate its competence quite remarkably in obedience, rally Obedience, tracking, agility, lure coursing, dock jumping and weight Pulls.

Amongst the many varieties of these, blue-nosed Pit bull is said to be the most lethal. The very glimpse of a blue nose pit bull can strike terror in many hearts, and the fear is completely reasonable as these dogs look strikingly fearsome. Their well-made form, huge colored nozzles and terrifying bark can cause the bravest of men to flee. Although these days, It is very common to visit a household with kids and a blue nose pit bull and realize to your surprise, that toddlers have been left in the care of this beast. These dogs can tell the difference between kids and adults and thus accord them the treatment necessary.

Often you can hear blue nosed pit bull owners talking so proudly, that their conversations include the words – “he has a blue nose”. The blue-nosed, as the name suggests has a blue colored nose, which may be a bluish gray or a shade of diluted blue. The blue nose coloring is just a peculiarity. Rare coloring peculiarities raise the monetary value of the dog. This is a simple trait that shows up in all types of these dogs. However the color of the nose has got nothing else to do with the dog’s breed.

Many people simply think of them as watch dogs. Although, they are known for displaying fierce faithfulness towards their owners, they are naturally friendly, even with strangers. These dogs can be trained to be guard dogs, but only when the training is done by a professional.

Although it is simply part of the character of them to be less friendly, when compared to other family dogs, this characteristic can be managed by means of proper training and a loving and caring environment. Due to the high levels of energy these dogs need to be sociable right when they are pups. So if you’re locked up with a Pit bull in an enclosed apartment it can only indicate trouble. These dogs love energetic activities and must be dealt with accordingly.

However, when the environment provokes aggression it’s a whole different story. When you have introduced a new dog into an aggressive or torturous situation, it could be the cause of his sudden violence towards people and other animals. If properly trained, these dogs can become a fine American house pet.

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