An In-Depth and Honest Review of Sit Stay Fetch by Daniel Stevens

When it comes to Dog Behavior Training, SitStayFetch written by Daniel Stevens is right up there with the best of them in my opinion. This dog behavior-training manual presents a highly detailed and meticulous outlook on how best to deal with today’s common problems in over anxious dogs. Trust me I know, you see – I am the proud owner of what used to be a very troublesome dog. I have searched everywhere for an inexpensive way to help me solve my problem. My search took me all over the internet where I finally found an online book that finally remedied my situation.

Jumping into it at first, I was a little skeptical, but they offered a *FREE* 6-day email mini course that I could try before I had to spend a dime. After receiving the first day of lessons, I was instantly sold. I also love the fact that it was written by a veteran dog trainer. This made me feel like the tips and information given to me was legit. Everything in this book comes from the author’s own personal experiences as a professional dog trainer.

Inside of this book, you will find an extraordinary array of information. This book will cover everything including behavioral problems, advice for new dog owners, how to select the right dog or puppy, information on breeds, the best places to get them, how to deal with the first visit to the vet, how to make your house dog and puppy proof, and house training.

The book also goes into the complex stuff such as dealing with aggression, dominance, chewing, digging, excessive barking, separation anxiety, intermediary level conformity commands, health problems related to your dog, allergies, dog cat coexistence, fleas, heatstroke, and sophisticated tips and tricks.

In addition, one of the best parts of this book is an impressive section on dog whispering. If you have never heard of dog whispering – it is a form of dog training that is based on reciprocal respect and communication with your dog. However, if you are familiar with dog whispering, then you know who has made this form of training popular. If you guessed Cesar Millan who is also known as (“The Dog Whisperer”), then you are right. This ever-increasing popular form of dog training is quickly becoming the standard in how dogs are trained.

An entire section of this book has been dedicated to dog whispering, where the author Daniel Stevens explains in full detail the conditions of this technique. He also explains how to use the technique to tranquilly, energetically, and efficiently correct and coach your dog. Daniel also goes through systematic instructions on how to use the common commands sit, quiet, come, down, stay, and much more.

The book was very interesting to read. I could not put it down. After reading, I immediately took my spoiled over anxious dog into the yard and put into practice what I had learned. I could not believe how quickly he took to the training. This book is *HIGHLY* recommended by me!

I have to confess, as I mentioned earlier; what sold me to this product was the fact that there was a free 6-day mini course. How would you feel if I was to tell you that there is also a lot more freebies that come with this work of art? Yep, I love bargains and free stuff. In fact, I go out of my way to get things free. However, SitStayFetch did not let me down.

For a detailed manual on how to train your dog, the $37 dollar asking price is a steal. Not to mention the excellent tips, tricks and advice you get about dealing with behavioral problems, and a litany of other things.

Ok, back to the bonuses (free stuff). Upon purchasing you will receive four bonus downloadable books dealing with crate and paper training methods, an in-depth look at how to stop dog aggression, effective grooming, dealing with the coats of specific breeds, dental care, nail clipping, and my personal favorite – how to train your dog for security purposes.

Nevertheless, the king of all freebies would have to be the personalized consultation with an associate of the Kingdom of Pets team. If for some reason you get into a jam, you can drop them an email and someone will be right back in contact with you. They are quick to reply and their professionalism had me asking myself “I get all this for $37?”

I have owned dogs since I could remember, and after reading the book, I realized that I did not know nearly as much as I thought. Therefore, to put it loosely, I am *IMPRESSED* with this package. I am also impressed with the support and professionalism of the team.

This book has thought me more about dogs than my lifetime being around them. I did not know I could stop my dog from tugging on his chain without using a check-chain. Now I know how, and it is all because of SitStayFetch.

This book brings a common sense, and easy to understand approach to dog training. However, other techniques in the book require a little more patience and effort. Nonetheless, they surrender some very spectacular results. A perfect example of this is the (dog whispering) technique. There are more than one-detailed techniques. This allows you the reader to choose the techniques that better fit you and your dog.

I have no problems recommending this package to any dog owner who would like to communicate better with their loving dogs. My dog is a big part of my life; hence, this book has changed my life. However, this book is not only for people with problem pets, it is also for people who would like to understand their dog like never before. There is information in this book that will benefit all dog owners.

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