Anderson Cooper: Like A Man Possessed, Trump Keeps Praising ‘Demon Sex’ Doctor

Anderson Cooper wants to know why President Donald Trump continues to defend a doctor who promotes dangerous coronavirus advice and medical claims involving aliens and demons when he’s had more than a full day to “Google her.” 

On Wednesday, Trump doubled down again on his decision to share a misinformation-laden video featuring Houston doctor Stella Immanuel. In it, Immanuel preaches about hydroxychloroquine ― the unproven and potentially dangerous drug that Trump has persistently touted ― as a cure for the virus.

In videos of her sermons, Immanuel has a habit of making bizarre medical claims, including those about the effects of demons depositing sperm in women in the dream world and the use of alien DNA in medical treatments.

Earlier this week, Trump left a White House press briefing when he was pressed for more details about Immanuel. Before his abrupt departure, Trump had called her “an important voice” but said he knew “nothing about her.” He repeated this to reporters Wednesday.

“Today, when asked, again, he made no mention of astral projection or demon sex, but, like a man possessed, he was still praising her,” the CNN host said. “It’s now been 24 hours, and if the president actually did want to know something about this person that he is promoting on a global stage, he’s had plenty of time to Google her.”

“Or have someone else do it and tell him about her and the demon sex and astral sex,” he added.

Watch the segment on “Anderson Cooper 360” below.

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