Australian Kelpie – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a sheep dog known to be exceptional at droving and mustering with little or no guidance. They are mid-sized breed with variety of colors. Kelpies weigh 25-45 pounds, and are usually 17-20 inches. This breed has been separated into two groups namely: the Working Kelpie, and the Show Kelpie. Working Kelpies are reared for their herding instincts, while the Show Kelpies are seen at conformation shows with almost no herding instinct.


The Australian Kelpie is a double-coated breed. Moderately short, flat, and straight, their outer coat is water resistant. They have a dense undercoat, with short hair on their heads, ears, legs, and feet. Their coats are longer at the neck, demonstrating an ample amount of ruff. The hair on their tail has a small breeching, sufficient enough to form a brush.

Black and red, each may or may not have tan, fawn, blue (gray), and chocolate from light to dark are all acceptable. A little bit of white spot, blaze, or strip might be present to some, as with white stockings.


Extremely energetic, and workaholic, the Australian Kelpie demands a great deal of activity daily, preferably with a job to do. They are in need of intense daily exercises. They are busy-bodied and busy-minded breed with high intelligence. Kelpies should not be left idle as they tend to become vicious when bored. In addition to this, ensure that these Kelpies are very well-stimulated, as they thrive on being able to do tasks.


Although the Australian Kelpie is rarely affectionate, they are friendly and highly devoted to their master. They usually bond to one person. Docile when at home and intense at work, this breed will guard and protect their family and territory fearlessly. They are typically not aggressive, and get along well with children they have been reared with.


Renowned for their strong guarding and herding instinct, the Australian Kelpie is the most popular breed in the native Australia and to other countries as well. They are skillful in working goats, poultry, sheep, cattle, and even reindeers.


Generally easy to groom, Australian Kelpies can get by with irregular brushing. Bathing should be done only when necessary, as frequent baths tend to dry out the skin. As an outdoor-working dog, owners should regularly check Kelpies for injuries. It is also important to check their teeth from time to time, for any cracked, chipped or missing teeth. Make sure to care for their toenals as well.


The Australian Kelpie is highly intelligent, thus easy to train. They tend to use their own initiative, so they may be less obedient than some other breeds. It is important to always keep things interesting while training Kelpies. They learn quickly, but can get bored easily. A good relationship with their trainers and respect are needed to train a Kelpie. Trust should be obtained first, as they tend to be difficult to handle if they do not trust you completely.


The Australian Kelpie is very agile with unlimited supply of energy. Kelpies are considered to be the best performing mid-sized sheepdog. They are very capable, versatile, and limitless despite their compactness and musculature.

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