Avoid These Dog Breeds For Children

If you want to adopt a dog but you have children there is always a concern about getting an animal that is too aggressive, and does not get along well with kids. There are some breeds that are not suitable for the purpose simply because of their nature. Here are some of the breeds that should not be taken home when there are children:

Chow Chow

This dog, while it may appear to be adorable, can be quite an aggressive little creature, especially if they are poorly bred. Because of their aggression and active nature, they constantly need reinforcement to stay well-behaved.

Pit Bulls

This might seem like a no-brainer, but there are individuals who have had these dogs be completely friendly with their children for a long time, only to have their young ones hurt one day because they wandered outside to where the dog was fed, or something “unknown” triggered the animal to become aggressive. These dogs are traditionally known for the bites because they lock their jaws onto the victim and have incredible strength.


While these dogs in some cases if received as a puppy may do well as a family dog, they are generally known to be aggressive. They largely act upon instinct and if provoked, and when they do bite, they can do a lot of damage. Adopting an adult Doberman is a risk because of their unknown background…you have no idea what might upset their temperament.


While these dogs are beautiful, and can seem to be very settled, they have the tendency to bite without any cause or provocation. Because children can cause a bit of chaos for the dog, it may lead to more danger than usual, and taking that chance isn’t worth it. This is really unfortunate because many children love Dalmatians either because of the popular movie, or because they are the mascot of the local fire company.

Saint Bernard

The same puppy rule applies here as with the Dobermans. These can be gentle creatures if they are trained well as puppies in the family setting. However, they grow to be very large and if adopted as an adult, there may be temper issues and in this case it can be dangerous to have children around. Like the Dalmatians, this breed is popular because of how cartoons tend to stylize the animal to appear to be a giant, cuddly ball of fur.

There are many breeds that have a reputation to be well-tempered, but in the case of adopting an adult dog, always check their history to find any reason why their personality may be other than what is expected.

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