Bloodhound – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting a Bloodhound

Does your new puppy urinate on your carpets? Does your new dog chew on your furniture? Here are some helpful new puppy training points to help you begin teaching your new puppy.

The Bloodhound is a large powerful hound with distinctive wrinkly heads, long pendulous ears, and droopy lower eyelids. The adult sized breed weighs an average of 80-110 pounds, and has the height of 23-27 inches.


Bloodhounds have close-lying short hair that is quite harsh and weather-resistant. The hair is very short and soft on their head and ears. The bottom of the tail has a little coarser and longer hair.

Coat colors are black and tan, tan and liver, and red; darker colors sometimes interspersed with badger-colored or lighter hair, some flecked with white. Small amounts of white is acceptable on the chest, feet, and ends of the stern


The Bloodhound loves to run and requires a great deal of exercise. Long daily walk is a must for this breed. As with other hounds, it may be difficult to get their attention if they pick up an interesting scent. This breed has an amazing stamina, and can walk for hours. They appreciate hiking, but always remember their impulse to investigate a fascinating scent. Never overtire this breed with walks until they are fully developed. The Bloodhound is a large dog that grows fast and requires every bit of energy for development of strong bones, muscles, and joints.


The Bloodhound is patient, noble, kind, calm-mannered, affectionate dog. They are great with children, allowing the children to crawl all over them (this should be discouraged, though). They are very friendly, even to strangers that are why they are not recommended to be a guard dog. They easily settle with other household pets. They are generally happy when indoors, but they are more active and frequently vocal outdoors. They tend to be willful and somewhat resistant to training, so a kind, consistent, but firm approach to training is required.


Being one of the oldest breeds, the Bloodhound is widely known to be a hunter, and loves tracking the most. This breed is a scent hound, and commonly used as both tracker and a companion, tracking down criminals, lost children, and even games.


The Bloodhounds have short coats that require rubbing using a wet towel a number of times a week. Toenails should be clipped weekly, and extra attention to the ears should be given to prevent infection.


The Bloodhound is highly intelligent with the eagerness to please his owner. But they can be very stubborn, though, making it difficult for them to be trained. Gentle methods and tone is imperative for this breed since they can be very sensitive. Consistency is also needed for this breed to thrive and learn. Bloodhounds tend to be very slow in house breaking, although with proper training exercise regularly, this breed will excel and become a delightful family and hunting companion.


The Bloodhound is calm, and shy, but can be outgoing if properly socialized. This breed tends to be cautious of strangers, but never shows hostility. They tend to howl at the scent of something out of the ordinary, but, do not bark as much as the other hounds.

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