Carolina Dog – Dog Breeds

Group: Southern

Weight: Male: 30-44, Female: 30-44 lbs

Height: Male: 17-24, Female: 17-24 inches


The Carolina Dog is a result of natural selection, and they are a truly primitive breed. These dogs are not entirely broken in, and some of them still live in the wild. The Carolina Dog managed to survive throughout the swamps, forests and savannahs in South Carolina for thousands of years. This breed makes excellent pets, and they are also very adjustable to life in a household. Carolina Dogs can be fairly timid around strangers, and prefer to be friends with others on their own terms. If this breed is socialised properly from puppy hood onwards, they will be wonderful companion dogs. Seeing that these dogs have natural instincts, they love to be part of a pack and will therefore do well in a family environment. The Carolina Dog is calm, kind and also does well with children. These dogs are very clean, and easy to housetrain. They are also an intelligent breed that is very quick to respond. The Carolina Dog is also not aggressive or destructive, but they do have a tendency to howl when they hear certain sounds.


The Carolina Dog is a prehistoric breed, and some of these dogs still live in the wild. They are not fully domesticated, and are therefore not ideal for someone with no previous dog ownership experience. The Carolina Dog is fairly distrustful and wary of strangers. They love to be part of a pack, and will therefore fit in well with a family. This dog will adapt best in a home were the children is older and considerate. There is a possibility that these dogs will not be tolerant of children they do not know. In general, the Carolina Dog will get along well with other dogs and cats, especially of they have been brought up with them.


The coat of the Carolina Dog is a low maintenance coat that does not require too much grooming. The coat of the Carolina Dog should be brushed on from time to time and this breed should also not be bathed excessively – only when it is really required.


It is vital that the Carolina Dog has an explicit leader, and also one who commands respect. The Carolina Dog should receive proper socialisation and obedience training when they are still puppies as this will help them to get along with other animals and children later on. This dog will not do well in a training environment where cruel methods are used. It should rather be done with respect and firmness.

Health problems

Carolina Dogs have no known health issues, and this breed usually lives for 14 to 14 years.

Source by John M Williams

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