Cat Training – Consider Your Cats Sleeping Arrangements

There are many things to consider when training your cat. One of the most important aspects of a cat’s life is to feel safe and secure while it sleeps.

Choosing Your Cat’s Favourite Place to Sleep

It is a fact that, given the choice, your feline pet will sleep anywhere. This is great for the cat, but not convenient to you the owner. Who wants hair on their chairs or beds?

The answer to this is to provide your cat with its own place to sleep. And luckily for all owners there are many products on the market. The range includes hammocks, blankets, beds and baskets. But before buying any one of these products, it is advisable to consider what would be suitable for your cat.

The first thing to consider is your cat’s size, or if it’s a kitten, what size do you think it will grow. Also does it need to be in a specific place-somewhere it feels safe and secure. It is important that your pet feels that this bed is a really safe place and in uniquely its own.

Another feature to consider is the cosy factor. Cats, as we all know, are very fussy creatures. They want to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For this reason, any product you buy must be able to retain its body heat. If you have an unusually cold house, a heated bed is the type to consider. You may consider this a luxury (your cat will consider it essential) but is important for an elderly cat. Some feline beds will come with their own heater, others with an insert that can be micro waved and folded into the bedding.

Blankets or mats are another option you may wish to consider. They come as simple soft fabric.A thermal mat that will reflect your cat’s body heat back, or an electronically charged one that can remove hair, dander and dust from your pet. They are all versatile as they can be easily moved around or carried in pet carriers.

Some cats may wish to sleep in a high place out of harms way. For these a bed on top of scratching posts with accessories and toys are available. These beds are useful if there is a problem regarding space.

Cat hammocks are yet another option available to cat lovers. These are extremely versatile as they can be moved around the house if the need arises. They can be attached to a radiator or free standing, and are very robust and lightweight. They mould around your cats body providing an extra sense of warmth and security.

For extra comfort and security you can buy a hammock in an enclosed box. The box can be suspended with the hammock inside. This elevated position gives your cat the opportunity to survey all below, while feeling safe and secure. we have seen, there is a great range of bedding products on offer; one of the favourites is still the basket.

Baskets are available in a variety of styles and materials. This enables you to blend the basket with the décor of the room its in if you choose. Cat baskets in soft fleece, are available with low walls or deep dish shapes. For an extra sense of security, for the hide away cat, some there are some that are more enclosed with a roof. The more traditional style wicker basket is also available in a variety of sizes.

What ever form of bedding you choose, it is important that it washable in some way. Also, to avoid mould forming, it should quick drying. You will want the bed or basket you choose to last, so make sure it is strong and sturdy. To ensure your cat is safe make sure there are no hard edges, corners, or loose string or fabric it may swallow. Before you buy any form of bedding for your cat, please give it some careful thought. You want your pet to treat it as its favourite retreat.

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