Dog Breeds – Choosing a Dalmatian For Your Family Dog

When choosing the right breed of dogs, it is important to get a dog who can adjust to your family lifestyle easily. There are some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right breed. Questions such as “who will take care of the dog?” are crucial in selecting the dog breed that can fulfill your requirements.

If you are looking for a dog who has a medium built and can easily adjust to apartment living then a Dalmatian is just what you need. In the past, Dalmatians were used for herding and they still carry their natural ability to be a guard dog who can easily protect their human masters.

They are also classified as sporting dogs who have strong scent ability and do not normally warm up right away to strangers. They are great guard dogs who are very smart and can be good protectors. They are also elegant to look at, and had often been admired for their spotted coats.

The Dalmatian is also a perfect company for children as they are very playful and always eager to please their masters. However, because they are naturally active and requires constant exercise, they may need for a good fenced yard to keep them in. They are constantly full of energy, but once a harmonious relationship has developed between him and his master, the Dalmatian can be a loving and charming dog.

Grooming Dalmatians may not be that easy because they tend to shed a lot of hair which can cling to carpets and furniture. However, a good grooming glove or rough towels used on his coat daily will help.

Dalmatians will benefit from early puppy training which can also teach him to be more sociable with humans and other dogs.

With all these qualities, you won’t go wrong choosing a Dalmatian for your family dog. Be careful though, to buy your Dalmatian from reputable breeders, as these dogs are quite prone to deafness. Before buying your Dalmatian, make sure to test it for deafness by talking to him and seeing if he reacts fast enough.

The Dalmatian is a versatile dog and is easily trainable. Make sure that you only get your Dalmatian from experienced breeders and train your Dalmatian early through reputable puppy training schools.

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