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There are likely more dog breeds in the world at this moment than there are dissimilar strains of bacteria! Okay, that was a flimsy exaggeration, but only a very slight one mind you. There really are a astonishing number of dog breeds or so with more being recognized every year.

It’s not that new dog breeds are being found from the four corners of the earth, it’s that new dog breeds are advent into being because of cross breeding programs. The resulting dogs aren’t always reasoned to be a new dog breed, but some of them do stack up to the standards to be reasoned as one of the dog breeds, and this is when the number of dog breeds starts to grow.

Since dog is so-called to be man’s best friend, it actually is no surprisal that the more ardent of dog lovers went on to cross breed dissimilar dogs to get what they well thought out to be the perfective dog for them.

This required many years of dedication on the part of these breeders as well as a love for the dogs. And the consequence of so many, many years of breeding programs by so many, many dog breeders is the large diverseness of dog breeds we have about us today.

And of these, one of the latest editions to the mix is none other than a precious cross breed known as a Puggle who is crossed with a Beagle mother and Pug father. Of the latest new dog breeds to come to the attention of the public this cute, wrinkle faced dog with the big pendulous ears and the soulful eyes, is one of the most sought after.

And just as with these Puggles, there are many new dog breeds which come into being on a steady basis. Some people deliberate that these cross bred dog breeds are better even than their unmixed bred parents as the cross breeds will have less chance of carrying the same transmissible illnesses and diseases which the pure breeds carry in their genetic makeup.

If you’re on the look out for a good dog to suit you and you find that the very number of dog breeds to take from is too overwhelming for you to look into, the best thing for you to do is to differentiate your choices down depending on what your requirements of a dog are… to read more on this topic, please click on our link below…

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