Dog Kennels – Use Them Wisely

Dog kennels are definitely a great way to provide safety and security for your pet. However, they should never be considered as their permanent living quarters.

Keeping an energetic animal in a confined space for prolonged periods of time without enough exercise will surely make them unhealthy. Without proper exercise you will not only end up with an obese pet, but it will also restrict the growth and development of muscle and might lead to serious health issues affecting their cardiovascular and kidney functions and even their movement and digestion.

Another drawback is that, by keeping more than one dog in an enclosed space for long periods, you increase the chances of a highly contagious condition called kennel cough which can spread to any animal that comes in contact with the affected dog if proper treatment is not given.

On the other hand, dog kennels are excellent means of keeping your dog in comfort and safety if they are used wisely by following a few easy but essential guidelines. Make sure that the kennel is kept clean and sanitized at all times. The size of the kennel will depend on the size and number of dogs you plan to house in the kennel. A kennel should provide sufficient and comfortable space for your pet(s) to move about freely.

There are numerous types of kennels that come in different shapes and styles including outdoor and indoor kennels. With indoor kennels it is important to provide proper ventilation and of course to keep it clean to avoid the growth of bacteria. Indoor kennel are suitable only for the smaller breeds and the outdoor kennels are mostly used to house larger breeds.

Dog kennels are perfect to keep your pet safe at night, particularly when they are very young as kennels not only help to provide a warm place for them to curl up, they also help to minimise any ‘accidents’ at night when they tend to run all around the house while others are sleeping.

Whether the dog kennel is of the indoor or the outdoor type or even if they are large and comfortable, one should strive to keep their pet inside them only when needed. It is important to take them out frequently and regularly for long walks and to let them run free if you want a healthy and well behaved dog.

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