Dog Training – Tips for First Participation in Agility Competitions

The Dog Agility is associated with hard training, because the dogs have to provide high performance. The competition will be aligned differently, because there are different categories and different levels. Before participating in the first competition, the dogs are divided into different stages. That means the novices usually run with in the beginner classes. As it is, they have to run simple obstacles.

It is usually recommended for newbies, that the runs are completed without scoring. This lends the newcomers a feel for the competition and can also learn about the outside influences. For example, a competitive pressure to the detriment of the dogs. Here it is very important to stay as calm and relaxed dog owner. So the dog has the security that everything is OK and is exposed to any pressure. Especially the first race is always the most difficult, for here are situations and influences on the dog, which is not in training can practice Sun For example, it is difficult to practice during training the audience situations. Viewers are then usually point out which category is currently running.

For beginners, they know full well that triggers excessive cheering and clapping in the dog stress. Since it can happen that turns his mind and not feel like the competition has. Even in training the dog for the first participation should be fit. This is where the coaches know exactly how they can imitate the real race situation. So the dogs are perfectly prepared and dog and owner do not have to be excited. For newcomers, there are special courses in the competition that does not contain so many obstacles. Moreover, the obstacles and the times are much lighter than the advanced.

When the dogs meet, the first runs with flying colors, you can still decide whether the dog runs along the next time in a higher category. At the beginning of the training should also be no value placed on participation at the competition, because the training should be improved continuously. Then, if the dog is fit enough for a competition, you should also be patient, because initial success will be apparent only after 1-2 matches. Agility can be executed by all races, it is only important that they have fun and enjoy the sport and healthy.

Before the first race you should still do a consultation at the vet, because who can say for certain whether a dog is able to cope with stress, or whether it should remain bogged down in a workout. This is also the competent agility trainer the dog owners with advice and who are, for the first competition just bounce a lot a new comment on the dogs that may affect the legs. The best always keep calm.

Source by Stefano Embessio

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