Feeling Blue? Some Tips for Stress Management!

Stress is a silent killer! Today, everyone has accepted stress as a part and parcel of everyday living. You feel you can do nothing about the daily mental loads that you carry. However, fretting about those bills, family responsibilities, piles of work etc. does not help you accomplish them by being stressed. Here are some simple tips that will help you cope better:

1. Get up and get moving: The moment the whole pending work gets too much for you, simply leave everything and get moving. Physical activity in any form helps relieve stress, and help you get rid of all stress related symptoms like headache and tension. Simple activities that can help you distract like, going for a walk, listening to some music or even stretching back with your eyes closed for few minutes can make you feel lighter and free.

2. Regular Exercise: Exercise has some great overall benefits on the body, including relieving stress. Exercise releases endorphin, a feel-good hormone, which elevates your mood and greatly distracts the mind from the daily grind of life. Any form of exercise works well. You can start with simply brisk walking around the block or running in the park. You can always team up with a friend or partner and increase the benefits many fold.

3. Increase your social interaction: This is one of the most and easiest methods of stress management. A night out with friends, talking and listening endlessly and giggling uncontrollably over silly things and incidents etc. automatically help you fight stress and leaves you with a sense of well being. Often, being alone and lonely leads to increased stress and a feeling of depression sets in. Social interaction also helps you come out of the shell and see things in a different light. Talking about your problems does not indicate a ‘weakness’. It simply indicates your willingness to accept the problem and seek help when required.

4. Accept the situation: Stressing over a problem does not make it go away. It simply induces a feeling of helplessness and futility. However, once you decide to accept the situation, you immediately feel lighter and look at the problem objectively. Looking at the bigger picture, helps you try to find ways to solve the problem. Sometimes, you find that the stressor was not so important in the long run and you were simply getting stressed over nothing. Also, realize that you are not perfect. Set reasonable standards for yourself and others. This helps to achieve your goals and get them completed within time and also creates a happier circle around you.

5. Sleep well: A good 7-8 hours of sleep, will refresh the body and mind and helps you have a new perspective. Sleep also helps in rational thinking and your problem does not look so big in the light of the day.

Incorporating a healthier life style helps you increase your resistance to stress. Incorporate the above mentioned tips and dance your blues away!

Source by Dr. Aakanksha Vatsal

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