Flat-Coated Retriever – Dog Breeds

Group: Sporting

Weight: 60-70 lbs

Height: male: 23-24.5, female: 22-23.5 inches


This breed was developed during the 1800s came about as a cross between the Irish Setter, Labrador, Water Dog, and St. John’s Newfoundland. Many believe the Collie to be also in the bloodline of this dog. These dogs are brilliant swimmers and bird retrievers, but they also make wonderful companion dog. This breed is usually confused with the Labrador and Golden Retriever, although they are in a category of their own. This breed does remarkably well in hunting, watch dogging, tracking and obedience. Given the correct training, this breed can do extremely well variety of sports.


The Flat Coated Retriever has a cheerful character, and will get along with most people. They are also very good with children and other dogs. The Flat Coated Retriever is a very clever breed that is always keen to learn, but they do need human companionship and love in return. This breed does adapt well to a kennel setting, and has to be a part of the family although they are very fond of the outdoors. This breed will creep into the hearts of people very easily, as they have very charming and fun loving personalities. The Flat Coated Retriever will make a superb companion for any family.


The Flat Coated Retriever requires a very small amount of grooming and trimming, but should be brushed on a weekly basis. Their coat should be maintained, particularly after they have been outdoors for extensive periods of time. It is imperative to be careful when brushing these dogs, especially when they are wet or has been in cold temperatures.


The Flat Coated Retriever is an extremely sharp and trainable dog, and they make wonderful trainees. This breed is incredibly cheerful and full of energy, so their training should be consistent. Their exercise should however be not too repetitive; otherwise they will loose interest fairly quickly and get bored. Discipline is not necessary, and correction and constructive support will work best for the Flat Coated Retriever. If the training sessions is full of fun and a mix of techniques, this breed dogs will excel a lot further.

Health problems

The Flat Coated Retriever is a diligent and healthy breed. These dogs have lots of stamina by nature, and will stay mostly healthy with a lot of exercise and rest. Standard tests and clearances for inherited conditions are vital, and these dogs will need these on a regular basis. There are also a few medical conditions to be aware of, and they are hip dysplasia, diabetes, epilepsy and deafness.

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