How To Double Your Ferret’s Life Span?

Does your ferret greet you in overjoy every time you reach home? Is your ferret healthy and happy, or is it angry most of the time? Could all the biting and littering acts be related to a lack of training for your ferrets?

These are just some of the common desires and concerns any ferret pet owner care about. In fact, if you are about the adopt a ferret as a pet, there are special considerations you need to know before bringing these life-long loving creatures home. Some ferret breeders don’t even know them and not to mention having your local pet store tell you!

Ferrets are exotic pets. Unlike common pets like dogs and hamsters, ferrets need to be taken care of properly, fed the right kind of food, and be trained to interact with the owner in ways unique to these animals.

Without the right knowledge, a typical new pet owner’s story will go like this: In the first few months, Lizzie had a great life with Janie, an adorable baby albino ferret. As time passes, all those horrible things she’d heard about ferrets (and which she hope she can ignore) are coming true. At the end, she has to consider sending the ferret to a shelter. Poor Janie that sit in the shelter’s cages waiting for an adoption.

Ferrets can make your apartment stink — not only can a ferret smell worse than a skunk, it is very common for them to pooped everywhere except the litter box. On top of that, without the right training, ferrets do often chase people’s feet, trying to nip them. Kids can either be scared or the opposite may happen to the ferret. The final straw usually come when friends and neighbours stopped coming to visit you for fear of being attacked!

Do these “downsides” of owning a ferret sound scary?

Perhaps you already own a ferret and has been experiencing these issues while learning to cope with them. If you’re like many ferret owners, you’ll be looking for (immediate) answers that unfortunately are hard to find. Most of the complete pet care guides and books only deal only with dogs or cats, not ferrets. Even a book on ferret usually only touch base on general topics like feeding, grooming, training and socializing your ferret.

There are almost no details on what you should know about ferret’s health problems, what you should be aware of, and especially what to do in an emergency! Above all, there is a serious lack of reliable information on what to feed the ferret (Hint: Extend your ferret’s lifespan).

With these knowledge and investing some effort to make your house “ferret-proof”, you’ll find that ferrets can be the perfect companion for life. Learn more about these from

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