Hugh Jackman Gets Cheeky About His Uncensored Butt On Disney+

When it comes to bare bottoms on Disney+, the streaming platform has been especially, well, anal. Butt that shyness appears to have changed with “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

The 2014 superhero film, which was rated PG-13, has arrived on Disney+ with a notably uncensored F-bomb as well as Hugh Jackman’s uncovered butt. And Wolverine himself had no problem getting cheeky about it.

Jackman celebrated the movie’s release on Saturday with a post on Instagram that included a still of his butt scene, covered by an emoji.

“Days Of Future Past becomes the first movie to air on Disney+ uncensored,” the actor wrote. “That was my future but let’s be honest … it’s more like my past.”

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who frequently feuds (or pretends) with Jackman on social media, also joked in the post’s comments, saying he was “excited” for Disney to “do the same” with his movie, the R-rated “Deadpool.”

“It’s time children knew. #Samesies,” wrote Reynolds.

In April, Disney+ made a splash by seemingly CGI-covering Daryl Hannah’s butt in “Splash,” even though the film’s nudeness is nonsexual. At the time, someone with knowledge of the situation confirmed to HuffPost that “Splash” scenes had been edited to remove nudity.

The censorship in “Splash” was widely mocked online, so it’s probably for the best that Disney didn’t use “digital fur technology” to cover up Jackman’s bum. Though he clearly doesn’t have a problem making himself the butt of the joke.

Disney+ did not immediately return a request for comment on the exposure.

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