Iguanas are not as simple a pet as some people believe. Firstly, they need a large enclosure so that they can climb. Keep his area free of debris like rocks, sand, and little bits that can become caught in his scales. If you want to use a natural plant, make sure the iguana can safely eat it. You should also provide him a warm pan of water to play in, though you’ll have to change this frequently. Iguanas love to climb and bathe.

A good heat lamp is critical. You should use a “grow light” like you would for plants, but make sure you don’t place it too close to the iguana or it will burn itself. At least six inches above its enclosure is a good idea.

Never feed your iguana iceberg lettuce, it is very bad for them. Squash and collard green are a better choice, though iguanas will eat anything green. You can set crickets loose in his aquarium and he hunt and eat them.

Pay attention to his diet. If the iguana develops bumps or limps, this could be a sign of Metabolic Bone Disease, and he should see a vet immediately. Be sure to stay up on his vaccinations as well, since the microbes that protect the iguana in the wild do not exist in your house.

You should clean the iguana’s enclosure regularly, but never use soap or chemicals. Hot water should suffice. If he develops parasites, coat him in olive oil with a brush.

Having an iguana isn’t easy, but if you are ready to care for it they can be great pets.

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