Jim Carrey Says He Inherited ‘The Grail’ Of Relics From Rodney Dangerfield

“The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon recalled Thursday that his parents would pay him up to a dollar to do impressions of comedian Rodney Dangerfield. That got guest Jim Carrey reminiscing about the legendary “no respect” comic.

Carrey, who included the bug-eyed funnyman in his new semi-autobiographical novel “Memoirs and Misinformation,” told Fallon the true story of touring with Dangerfield at Caesars Palace.

Dangerfield noticed the strange reactions the young Carrey would get from the audience and “he just loved my greenness,” Carrey said. “He would laugh openly out of nowhere, just look at my face and start laughing.”

The two apparently established a strong enough friendship for Dangerfield’s widow Joan to bequeath a box of her late husband’s belongings to Carrey.

“She sent me this beautiful box with his favorite shirt and his pot pipe,” Carrey said. “That’s pretty much the grail. Rodney’s pot pipe is the grail.”

Dangerfield died in 2004.

Rest in peace, Rodney. You got respect from Jim Carrey. 

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