Jimmy Fallon Reveals The Other Names Trump’s Been Saying Wrong

This land is your land, this land is Thighland …

Though President Donald Trump’s mispronunciation of Thailand went viral yesterday, it turns out his staffers have it even worse.

On “The Tonight Show” Thursday, Jimmy Fallon pointed out that the president mispronounced Dr. Deborah Birx’s name at a recent coronavirus press briefing, calling her “Dr. Burke.” But that’s just scratching the surface of the president’s pronunciation faux pas. Fallon then donned his Trump impression to reveal the other staffer names that Trump can’t quite get right.

Postmaster General “Loser DJ”

Louis DeJoy aka Loser DJ

Louis DeJoy aka Loser DJ


White House Press Secretary “KFC McDonald’s”

Kayleigh McEnany aka KFC McDonald's

Kayleigh McEnany aka KFC McDonald’s


Son-In-Law And Adviser “Ja Rule Kush-Pop”

Jared Kushner aka Ja Rule Kush-Pop

Jared Kushner aka Ja Rule Kush-Pop

See the rest of the mispronunciations in the video starting around the 5:13 mark, including a name for Mike Pence that’d probably have him wishing he was just called Thighland:

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