Jimmy Kimmel Gives Trump’s ‘Perfect’ Georgia Phone Call The Treatment It Deserves

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Donald Trump as the “weakest, whiniest little dictator imaginable” for his constant tantrums over losing the election to President-elect Joe Biden.  

Over the weekend, Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and demanded that he “find” the votes to overturn Biden’s victory. 

Raffensperger repeatedly told Trump he can’t do that. 

“That call, if you haven’t listened to it, listen,” Kimmel said. “It’s pathetic.” 

(The Washington Post has posted the complete call online.)

Early in the monologue, Kimmel’s team matched audio of the call to footage of a toddler with Trump’s head having a tantrum while playing golf.  Later, they worked it into a QVC call-in segment that went awry. 

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