Managing Stress Naturally

With the increased demand of today’s rapid paced society, often we find that our immune systems become more compromised than ever before, our bodies suffer from a number of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and the effects of all stress types can manifest themselves in a number of ways. However, getting help with stress and using holistic medicines, natural nutrition, and other alternative medicine practices can play in important role in our physical, mental, and emotional health.

While many of use are not taught at an early age how to manage stress in our daily lives, we often find ourselves looking for help with stress later in life. As the pressures of our daily demands at work, home, or school mount, we find that managing stress and learning new stress management techniques are vital to our performance and well being. The effects that being overstressed can have on the body can cause symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as decrease our body’s own immune response, which can make us more prone to certain illnesses and diseases. In addition, the cortisol effect caused by stress in our bodies can deplete our bodies’ essential nutrients and cause a number of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Those who have learned to manage different stress types through holistic medicines and natural nutrition have already discovered that these methods help with stress and that stress management is essential to greater peace of mind, wellness, productivity, and performance. While managing stress is no easy task, and there is no magic pill that can eliminate the psychological stress that we all can face daily, learning about natural nutrition and incorporating a few simple stress relief techniques in your daily life can have a profound impact.

When it comes to daily exercise, nearly all forms of exercise will improve your body’s sense of balance and help with stress, but it has also been proven that methods such as Yoga or Tai Chi can also improve your moods, provide greater help with stress, and allow you to remain more at peace throughout the day. While these forms of exercise are easy to do and can be performed virtually anywhere without the added cost of equipment, you can also incorporate a simple meditation or prayer time into your daily routine that will also help with stress and allow you to remain more focused. In addition, hypnosis therapy has also proven to be beneficial at centering the mind and can also help with stress throughout the day.

Natural nutrition is also a great way to help with stress and ensure that your body is performing at its peak potential to ward off the threat of illness or disease. In today’s society, we are inadvertently exposed to a number of toxins in the form of preservatives, caffeine, and sugar that can all threaten our physical health. Eating natural foods is the best way to ensure that your body’s resources are best spent fighting off other forms of bacteria that can cause illness. Supplementing with fish oil or consuming foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can also help with stress, as they reduce the cortisol reaction in the body caused by stress. Another nutritional factor to help with stress is to ensure that you are eating the proper amount of B vitamins in your daily diet.

Source by Dr. Gary Gendron

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