Nathan’s Champ Joey Chestnut Rips Donald Trump’s Hot Dog Eating Style

Joey Chestnut got frank about President Donald Trump’s hot dog eating form. (See the video below.)

Chestnut, who ate a record 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his 13th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 14 years on July 4, analyzed the president’s way with a wiener, along with a few other politicians, on “Desus & Mero” Thursday.

The “Glizzy Gladiator” said former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg looked like he wasn’t “quite enjoying the food as much as he should” and praised former President Barack Obama for “takin’ it” in a photo of him chomping into a chili dog.

But the eating champ didn’t relish the way Trump eats his dog. In assessing a photo of Trump hoisting a hot dog with the wiener oddly sticking out of an already-bitten bun, Chestnut said: “Looks like he’s just making a mess of it. … He’s just messin’ it up … Who eats the bun before they eat the meat?”

Maybe Trump, known for his love of fast food, would fare better in having his burger eating form critiqued. 

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