NBA Broadcaster Mike Breen Makes All-Time Mistake After Hall Of Fame Honor

The Boston Celtics were trying to make a fast transition. But NBA broadcaster Mike Breen was thinking fast food. (Watch the clip below.)

Breen, of the New York Knicks’ MSG network, called Celtics center Tacko FallTaco Bell” on Sunday as the player caught an out-of-bounds save by the Knicks and passed it forward to Jabari Parker for an eventual slam dunk. 

“Did I just say Taco Bell?” Breen said seconds later.

“You must be hungry, bro,” his broadcast partner, Walt Frazier, replied.

“I need to get some sleep,” Breen concluded.

Breen received the Curt Gowdy Media Award for electronic journalism from the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday.

But even the greats make funny goofs.

The Knicks won, 96-92, to secure the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference.

As for Breen, he may have made a run for the border ― one of Taco Bell’s slogans. He segued into the commercial break by declaring he was getting something to eat, according to The Big Lead.

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