People Are Still Hate-Watching ‘Emily In Paris’ And The Tweets Are Très Amusants

The Darren Star ― yes, “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star ― show stars Lily Collins as the eponymous Emily, who gets shipped over to Paris from Chicago as the replacement for her boss. Emily’s job is to manage the social media strategy of a French PR firm called Savoir, and the results are very “Gossip Girl” with an extra dusting of manic pixie dream girl and 2020 political correctness.

At a mere 10 episodes that run 30 minutes or less each, the show is perfectly bingeable to satisfy your entertainment and/or hate-watching needs.

As the discourse around the series shows no signs of stopping any time soon, we’ve gathered some of our favorite comments on social media for your reading pleasure. 

Also, this hilarious Instagram account featuring Emily superimposed into shots from the film “Parasite” is *chef kiss.*

Lastly, the true MVP of “Emily in Paris” is obviously Pierre, who perfectly encapsulates 2020 in one scene: 

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