‘Poor Eric’: Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Trump Took A Subtle Dig At His Own Son

Jimmy Kimmel detected a change in Donald Trump’s most recent statements to the media, including one the former president shared on Father’s Day

Trump wished a happy holiday to all, “including the Radical Left, RINOs and other Losers of the world.” 

“Oh, poor Eric,” Kimmel cracked. “That’s not nice to say on Father’s Day.” 

Kimmel said the message lacked a certain something. 

“His heart’s not even in these anymore,” Kimmel said. “I think Melania might be putting Lexapro in his Diet Coke or something.” 

Kimmel also spotted a new report about Jared Kushner, the former president’s son-in-law, who served as a top White House adviser. 

Check it out in Kimmel’s Monday night monologue: 

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