Pug Myths – What’s True, and Not So True About the Pug Dog Breed

Pug myths will circulate and it is important to be able to separate the true facts from the false ones. If you are interested in purchasing a pug you should be aware of the true concerns and discard all of the false information that is currently out in circulation. Pugs are very nice, small dogs that love being around people. They come in many colors, silver, black, apricot, fawn and tan. They are typically very compact dogs with square bodies.

There are a few myths floating around that state that you can get your pug to stop shedding. In response to this I would mention a well-known statement that pug owners use. Pugs only shed once, for 365 days. Pugs never stop shedding; they shed everywhere and all the time. You will see fur on your clothes, the carpets, furniture and any area that your pug is. Be ready with that vacuum cleaner, as you will be using it a lot.

One of the interesting and not altogether untrue pug myths is that pugs eyes can pop out. This can actually happen but eyes do not pop out by themselves. A pug’s eye will pop out if an accident occurs or some action occurs in just the perfect order and pop, out comes the eye. If immediate medical attention is sought then your dog should be fine. It is also important to remember that does not happen to every dog, in fact very few pugs have this issue. However it does occur so you should be aware of it.

Many people also think that pugs are very lazy and inactive. It is true that pugs do enjoy sleeping but they are very social and active dogs. Many times pug owners who are not at home much find that they will be purchasing another pug in order to keep the first dog company. Pugs have very strong personalities and they like to be around others. In order to show your pug who is boss you should be prepared to be assertive otherwise your dog will walk all over you.

One of the most harmful pug myths, which also applies to most dogs, is that pugs can actually eat chocolate. This is completely false as all forms of chocolate contain theobromine, which is harmful to dogs. The reason why your dog may not have had a problem with chocolate in the past is that different chocolate contain varying amounts of theobromine. It is better to be safe then sorry and you should cut out chocolate from your dog’s diet completely.

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