Rottweiler Pros and Cons of Owning This Surprising Pet

The Good and Bad Points of Owning a Rottweiler

If you are thinking about owning a Rottweiler for a pet or a working dog but do not know much about them, here are some facts that you should know. This breed of dog originated in Germany and today you’ll find that a German Rottweiler is more muscular and shorter than your standard American Rottweiler. For some reason, as the breed developed and time passed, the American breed got slimmer and less muscular as well as taller. For this reason, if you are looking for a pet that can participate in more muscular sports such as the carting the German dogs will be best. If you are looking more to an area such as agility then an American one will probably be the better choice.

A Rottie can be your worst enemy or a terrific companion depending on the circumstances. Everyone wants to know if a Rottweiler is a better watch dog than a companion or if they can be used as a family pet. There are many traits of this breed that make it a logical choice for someone with a family, someone who is looking for a watch dog and for someone who is alone and looking for a companion.


The Rottweiler is courageous, loyal, protective and devoted to their family and will protect it fiercely. Although powerful they are very intelligent, calm and trainable. The Rottie has proved itself in police and military work through the centuries and has even been trained for obedience competition. Although fairly easily trained they do need a firm, calm hand and must learn that you are the pack leader. Once that is established you won’t have any problems if you train them with kindness rather than using harsh methods.

This breed has a very tough image and is a natural guard dog with a laid-back but reliable temperament which is the reason it makes such a good one. Typically if you say Rottweiler, everyone automatically assumes that the dog is aggressive. This is true but only when they are trained that way or when taught to be an aggressor. It is true that they are powerful and their looks usually deter transgressors.

One new idea that has been recently used for a pet Rottie is the idea to use it as a therapy dog. Most people who are looking for therapy dogs automatically think of a Labrador or similar breed, but a Rottweiler is a good choice as well. If you give them the chance, they can be just as affectionate and well behaved as the Lab.

One activity that can be done with your pet is tracking. When taking part in this fun activity and hobby, you are going to require a dog which has a great tracking scent. Rottweilers have a strong sense of smell and is able to follow a scent easily without much guidance. This could be a good task to teach your dog regardless as it stretches their bounds and tests their ability.


It may be difficult to convince a landlord about a pet Rottweiler as they have been given a lot of bad reviews in the past, however, if you own your home or your landlord does not care, they can be great for households who have children.

Because of their size they don’t make a very good house dog although they are usually laid back while indoors. A Rottie needs a lot of exercise and will do best with an active family that can provide large amounts of it.

Your pet Rottweiler may be subject to hip dysplasia as well as entropion (narrowing of the slit between the eyelids). They do tend to snore loudly, which may make it necessary to house them outside the living area. Their eating habits need to be monitored as they will overeat if given the chance.

Overall, the Rottweiler is a great pet choice if you are looking for a large dog. Knowing that your pet can be all of these positive things and more, why would you want to look to another breed of dog? Don’t let their reputation fool you and trust your instincts about what the dog is all about and not what you’ve heard about what it can do. If you or your family is active and do a lot of things outdoors then a Rottie could be the ideal pet for you. They are large dogs and need space so don’t try to make them into a house pet. A large yard or an area where they can run is ideal.

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