Samantha Bee Reveals Scariest Part Of Donald Trump’s War On The Press

And the host of “Full Frontal” concluded with some bad news.

“The scariest part,” she said, is that Trump is winning.

“No one’s been able to stop his attacks, so we just go about our lives while they run constantly in the background like white noise which, of course, is Trump’s preferred color of noise,” said Bee.

“When Trump undermines the free press, he’s not just attacking journalists’ right to do their jobs,” she noted. “He’s attacking your right to know what’s going on in the world. We need to resist the complacency that normalizes Trump’s media-bashing and stand up for the people who bring us the news so we can look forward to the day they bring us news worth celebrating.” 

Bee elsewhere in her monologue described Trump as an “unlovable loser,” “an emotional weakling whose entire self-worth is based on how successful he looks to others” and a “bottomless pit of neediness who demands constant validation from the media.”

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