Seth Meyers Nails Why Trump’s Axios Interview Went So Far Off The Rails

Seth Meyers laid into President Donald Trump Wednesday night for retreating to Fox News and Fox Business for softball interviews in the wake of his eyebrow-raising sit-down with Axios’ Jonathan Swan that aired on HBO earlier this week.

In the viral HBO session, Trump floundered and deflected as he was repeatedly pressed on the rising death rates from the coronavirus. He also doubled down on his controversial support for Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite accused of enabling Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of young girls, and refused to praise the late Rep. John Lewis for his history as a civil rights leader.

Trump called into Fox Business on Tuesday night to speak with Lou Dobbs, one of his most devout right-wing allies, and dialed into Fox News program “Fox & Friends” the following morning. He made dozens of false or misleading claims in these interviews, most of which the hosts allowed unchecked.

“Trump was apparently so embarrassed by this venture outside the right-wing media bubble that after the disastrous Axios interview aired, he immediately rushed back to the safe confines of Fox News,” Meyers said on “Late Night.” 

Meyers noted that in his rare excursions outside friendly media, Trump tends to embarrass himself, which his media supporters appear to acknowledge. He pointed to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who asked on his show Tuesday why Trump would do an interview with Axios, which Limbaugh described as not from “the friendly side of the aisle.”

“It’s rare when we get a glimpse of the president outside his insulated bubble, but we got that this week,” Meyers said. “And it went so badly he immediately ran back to safe territory on Fox.”

Watch Meyers’ roast below.

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