Seth Meyers: Trump Is Actually Keeping His Word On 1 Issue, But Really Shouldn’t

Seth Meyers on Wednesday mocked President Donald Trump for actually delivering on one of his promises. But the “Late Night” host wished the president didn’t.

Meyers noted how Trump ― who has refused to acknowledge defeat in the 2020 election, citing baseless allegations of mass voter fraud — had said “for months that this is exactly how he’d react if he lost.”

“Now he’s doing it and shredding American democracy in the process,” the comedian continued. “If anything, this might be the first time he’s delivering on what he promised.”

“Unlike his pledge to build a wall that Mexico pays for, that we’d win so much we’d get sick of winning, that coronavirus would go away when the weather got warmer, in this case, Trump has kept his word to the American people about not accepting the word of the American people,” Meyers said.

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