SitStayFetch: Dog Training To Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems (Review)

SitStayFetch is a dog training guide filled with the latest dog training methods (a total of nine chapters with over 150 pages) and has become the the most popular best-seller guide on dog behavior training on the internet.

The author, Daniel Stevens, a professional dog trainer himself, has make this guide easy to read for both the new and current dog owners. He has also provided many tried and proven dog training programs in the guide to help dog owners deal with a huge variety of dog problems, such as:

  • Aggression
  • Biting, mouthing and nipping
  • Poop eating or Coprophagia
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Disobedience
  • Shyness
  • Off-leash problems
  • Jealousy
  • Dogs rivalries (helpful tips if you have two or more dogs)
  • Excessive barking
  • Travel problems (a true gem if you are looking to bring your pet along in your travels)
  • Having better than one dog in the house
  • Bad breath
  • Cat and car chasing
  • Hot weather and heatstroke (useful details if you live in a hot or humid area)
  • Jumping on furniture and people in general
  • Separation anxiety
  • A death in the family

With over 100 training photos, SitStayFetch is also a great visual learning experience to take any dog owners step-by-step through the each of the dog basic training process. The training techniques are also positive, non-physical and cover useful topics such as:

  • How to select, buy and raise a puppy or older dog
  • The best ways to care for your dog
  • The advantages and disadvantages of all the training methods
  • How to communicate with your dog through body language, facial expressions and the impact of wolf instincts
  • How to train your dog virtually any command and tricks including Come, Hold, Leave, Seek, Beg, Catch, Crawl, and even climb ladders!
  • The best methods to train your dog, including the latest thing in dog preparation – dog whispering!

Additionally, the author has also provided another extra 4 bonus mini booklets that comes together with SitStayFetch:

  1. “Dog Grooming Made Easy” – This guide teaches you how to bath, groom and clip your pet dog to keep your dog healthy and tip-top condition (Especially useful if you have dogs that has a lot of hair)
  2. “Tips On How To Security Train Your Dog” – An excellent resource for anyone looking to train his/her dog as a guard dog.
  3. “All The House Preparation Methods And Tricks” – Daniel explains how to quickly housetrain any dog (young or old). This alone will saves dog owners a lot of trouble from cleaning up after their dog.
  4. “Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog” – One of the key to having an obedient dog. Most beneficial for anyone who has a problem with an aggressive or dominant dog.

… plus a final fifth bonus — a free online email consultation that Daniel offers to whoever that have specific dog behavior problems or concerns to address not covered in the comprehensive book.

If you are a dog owner who has a new puppy or owns a dog that has any behavior problem, then you should at least check out Daniel’s book. The information is so simple to comprehend that you would certainly benefit and experience tremendous improvement in your dog behavior after reading and following the advice in it.

Source by Lee Tuan James

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