Stephen Colbert Buries ‘Monstrous’ Trump With Dead-On Funeral Joke

Stephen Colbert blasted Donald Trump Thursday after the president blamed blue states for the country’s massive coronavirus death toll. (See below for the full segment.)

In a press conference the day before, Trump said: “If you take the blue states out, we’re at a level that I don’t think anybody in the world would be at.”

The Late Show” host called the president’s spin “unspeakably monstrous.”

“This is like being asked to speak at a funeral and saying, ‘We’re here to mourn the passing of Kevin, but if you take him out of the equation, it’s a pretty good party!’” Colbert cracked.

The comedian said Trump was dead wrong, noting that states with the highest mortality count happen to have the largest populations, and that infection rates are currently high in “states that Trump won.”

Colbert emphasized his point with a joke about Trump taking middle schoolers to the sausage factory. Stick around for that one below.


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