Stephen Colbert Compares Donald Trump To Schoolkid Hiding His Report Card

President Donald Trump’s order to have coronavirus hospital data rerouted to his administration’s Health and Human Services Department, bypassing scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is just too obvious, according to Stephen Colbert. (See his monologue below.)

“Trump doesn’t want us to know what the real coronavirus numbers are,” the host said on “The Late Show” Wednesday. “He knows he’s failed. He’s just like a kid grabbing his report card out of the mailbox before anyone can see it. But we’re gonna find out how bad he’s doing when we all have to make coffins in shop class.”

Just four states ― California, Arizona, Texas and Florida ― accounted for a staggering 36,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. The U.S. has recorded more than 3.4 million infections and more than 137,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Check out Colbert’s vision of what the new COVID data processing center looks like:

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