Stephen Colbert Points Out The Demographic That Donald Trump Is Alienating

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday celebrated a poll showing Joe Biden far in front of Donald Trump in the race for president. But “The Late Show” host wasn’t too giddy analyzing the results. (See the monologue below.)

Trump is losing ground for his “bungling of the pandemic response,” the comedian said.

The president finally admitted that the coronavirus outbreak will get worse as Tuesday’s deaths topped 1,000 and 65,000 new cases were diagnosed. For months Trump had resisted medical advice on mask-wearing (until very recently) and had pushed for schools and businesses to reopen prematurely, prompting a resurgence of COVID-19.

And that’s where the president stumbled in his campaign strategy, the talk show host pointed out.

Quipped Colbert: “Trump has unfortunately alienated a group of single-issue voters ― the anti-dying demographic.”

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