Stress Management – Celebrate Your Wonderful Feet, They Do Feats to Manage Your Stress

Some people think that the first place on your body to start reducing the effects of stress is your head; I beg to differ, because you should start with your feet. Why your feet read on and find out.

It is true that you need to feel that you have to think calming thoughts, check your attitude to make sure it is positive and enthusiastic, and know that you are the only person that can consistently make you happy, but you cannot achieve these things when your feet hurt.

Your feet are a very important part of your body and your life. They also play a big part in your lifestyle as well. Let us look at the reasons why you should celebrate your feet.

First of all you take them way too much for granted. Think about how many times you walk or run around bare footed. Also think about the times you have stood on them for long periods of time, remember that your back seemed to hurt far worse than your feet.

Let me suggest that you spend a day and honor and care for them.

Why, because your feet are amazing. For instance, they get you where you want to go. While you are stressed out rushing from place to place or helping, you drive your car. Those of us who drive a car with a manual transmission knows how much work your feet does working the clutch. Frequently your feet do overtime, have you noticed that even when you are sitting down relaxing your feet are on the floor or stretched out in front of your legs in the same flat position as they always are.

Your feet take an incredible amount of abuse. Just think about how many times you have stuffed them into fashionable shoes that you wore for hours or walked for a long time in unsupported sandals. Not to mention the times you walked out of the cool water pool onto the hot cement poolside. Then there are the toe rings you wear to be trendy and fashionable as well.

Yet your feet rarely complain (except for an occasional blistering protest).

Why not start today and give something back to your feet. Treat them to a massage, which you can do by yourself or have some one you love do it for you. Stretch them out, flex them and exercise them, they will feel great and so will you. Take time to clean them up, lotion and soften the heels, rub away the little calluses that are there too. Clip the nails and gently file them if necessary, be gentle and kind to your feet. It maybe time to splurge on a pedicure, a comfortable pair of new shoes, or soft slippers.

Think how vital your feet are, so time and investment will keep you and your feet stress relieved for a very long time. Remember how skillfully they hold you up, shuttle you around, and perform countless incredible “feats”. Be grateful for your feet.

From this day on, appreciate the wonderful gifts that are your feet. In addition, all the possibilities they bring to your life. This is yet another way to manage your stress using natural solutions.

Source by Ellen R. Norman

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