Stress Management in the Criminal Justice Workplace

Stress management in the criminal justice workplace is determined by worker characteristics and working conditions. It provides techniques needed to equip a person with effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological stress in the criminal justice workplace. Stress can directly or indirectly contribute to some general or specific disorders to the body and mind of a person. Long-term stress can cause heart disease, stroke and other illnesses.

There is no single cause for stress experienced at criminal justice work places. It can be the result of unexpected pressures or the result of stressful factors which accumulate over a period of time. Most of the stress is due to improper management of work, conflicting relationships at work, etc. Stress in the criminal justice workplace may also be due to following reasons – work overload, fears and dangers associated with the job, work shifts, boredom in work etc.

Everyone involved in the criminal justice system needs a way to reduce their stress. Stress management programs in criminal justice workplaces help persons on both sides of the law – defendants, attorneys as well as culprits. Stress management programs in criminal justice workplaces work more effectively if implemented in tandem with family and juvenile court systems, administrators, law enforcement departments etc. These programs benefit not only criminals but also criminal justice officials.

Stress in criminal justice workplaces can be managed by any of the following methods: meditation, rest, exercise, developing positive attitude, diet control, time management, giving priority to tasks, not handling tasks more than what one can handle, attending stress management courses, opting for counseling programs, etc.

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