The Best of Medium Sized Mutts

Before owning a dog, it is always best to know all the information about various dog breed types to make sure that a dog that will be purchased is suitable in the home. It is also more convenient to acquire medium size dog breeds as they require lesser maintenance as compared to bigger dogs and bigger suitability chances in small apartments or houses. There is also a level of danger in keeping bigger dogs as one may never know when one of these may attack its owner leading to life threatening bites.

Medium size dog breeds also have average life spans longer than large dogs and almost lasts as long as smaller sized breeds. The former lives up to an average of ten to thirteen years while the latter lives up to seventeen years. Giant dogs usually have a short life span of up to seven or eight years which is quite disappointing.

A recommended list for those who are still researching for information about medium size dog breeds would be a dalmatian, French bulldog, Australian shepherd, Airedale terrier, sheepdog, Border collie, Siberian husky, poodle, American Eskimo, Brittany spaniel, Australian cattle dog and a basset hound among other. Such medium sized dogs also require regular grooming and veterinary visits from time to time to help them grow at their best. Mastering the art of maintaining a dog will enable one to easily teach the mutt a few tricks while at the same time increase the security conditions of the home.

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