‘The Daily Show’ Trolls Fox News With Trump’s Own Words

Fox News hosts haven’t been shy about attacking presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Unfortunately for them, their insults all seem to apply to — as President Donald Trump might say — the current “administrayshzzizt.”

In a video posted Tuesday, “The Daily Show” spliced together clips of Fox hosts and guests seemingly attacking Biden’s mental acuity along with clips of the president repeatedly slipping up on his words. And in an M. Night Shyamalan-like twist, it works pretty perfectly.

With so much footage of Trump saying things such as “Yo-Semites” and “totallyterrytism,” perhaps Fox should think twice before attacking a candidate for having trouble “getting through the words.” At the very least, before Eric Trump goes around wondering, “How many gaffes can you make every single day,” he should probably just ask his dad.

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