Time to See the Veterinarian: When Shedding Is More Than a Nuisance

Are you having trouble with dog hair around your home? Is it finding its way onto every piece of clothing you own? Do you have to vacuum your floors more than once per day? If any or all of this rings true for you, then you should read this article, which sets out to address the facts about dog shedding. In many cases, shedding is a normal occurrence and something that a dog owner simply must live with, but in other cases it can be a sign of trouble.

Understanding the Nature of Shedding As stated above, in most cases shedding is nature’s way of ridding a dog of excess fur. When new hairs grow, they push the old hairs out of the way and those, in turn, fall to your floor. There are, of course, dog breeds that shed more frequently than others and if you are a proud owner of one of those, then chances are good that you are looking at a long standing problem with no great solution. Breeds such as German Shepherds and Bermese Mountain Dogs, for instance, are frequent shedders and will shed even more often as the warm weather approaches each spring due to their coat naturally thinning itself. Brushing their coats on a regular basis can eliminate some of the mess around your house, especially if the brushing is done outdoors, where the loose hair is free to fly. On the other hand, there are dog breeds that shed less frequently. These may be the breeds to consider if you are looking into becoming a dog owner and would like to avoid frequent vacuuming. These include the poodle, bichon frises, and wired hair terrior, among others. The downside is that these dogs will require haircuts. For those that love the companionship, but simply can’t handle shedding, there are also hairless and near-hairless breeds – the Xoloitzcuintal and Chinese Crested, respectively.

Knowing When it’s Time For Help It is important to understand that in the vast majority of cases, shedding is simply a result of nature and has nothing to do with illness. However, if the amount of shedding seems to suddenly increase and the skin of your dog also looks irritated, then you should seek the advice of your veterinarian Colorado Springs because the dog could be experiencing a side effect of illness or an allergic reaction. There are several tests that can be done and different treatment plans that can be suggested in order to help your furry friend recover.

If you don’t believe that the shedding is due to the canine being sick, but you do believe that it has increased recently, then first consider the weather. If the weather is getting warmer, you will see a slight or even severe increase in shedding until the coat has thinned properly. Also consider changes in food, detergents, shampoo, or bedding that might be causing allergies. Most commonly, an allergic reaction will produce skin irritation first. A change in food or the addition of a natural supplement can help in some instances. If you do decide to change foods, be sure to mix the old and new for a while to help acclimate taste buds and reduce the chances of dietary issues. Supplements such as horsetail, dandelion, and fish oil, can be somewhat effective as well.

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