Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Knows How To Stop Students From Spreading Coronavirus

Trevor Noah acknowledged Tuesday that reopening schools amid the resurging coronavirus pandemic is complicated.

“Even if the virus isn’t a major threat to children, can they become adorable superspreaders who infect teachers, staff and their families back home?” he asked.

In a segment called “The Class of Covid-19,” the “The Daily Show” host cited a Korean study that found children older than 10 can spread the virus at the same rate as adults. He joked that some parents will brag, “Little Timmy is only 13 but apparently he spreads COVID at a college level.”

Warning that “schools can turn into an Amazon fulfillment center for coronavirus,” the comedian concluded that the only way to prevent household infection “is if parents and kids have no contact. I mean no communication, no affection whatsoever. No touching. Basically, Trump’s relationship with Eric.”

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