Trevor Noah Isn’t So Sure Trump’s Twitter Didn’t Get Hacked

On his Thursday show, Trevor Noah covered the recent unprecedented Twitter hack, which compromised some of its biggest accounts. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Gates were among those hacked by bitcoin scammers, but somehow Trump’s account remained unsullied. 

Or did it? The “Daily Show” host wasn’t so sure.

“How would they know?” Noah asked. “I mean, this is the same guy who tweets about beans, Iran and the Confederacy in the span of 10 minutes. He pre-hacks himself.”

Noah concluded that there was one way to know if Trump’s account had been compromised, and it kind of makes sense.

“The only way you’d know if a hacker got Trump is if the spelling was correct,” he joked. “‘Guys, Trump spelled coronavirus right. I think he got hacked.’”

See the rest of Noah’s covfefe on the Twitter hack below.

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