Trevor Noah Names The 2 Choices Facing America And One Involves ‘Demon Sperm’

Trevor Noah on Tuesday spelled out the stark choice currently facing the United States.

“The Daily Show” host — in his latest monologue taking aim at the White House’s catastrophic handling of the coronavirus pandemic — picked apart President Donald Trump’s earlier promotion of a video containing misinformation about COVID-19.

The clip (that was pulled by multiple social media platforms) featured Dr. Stella Immanuel, who once suggested that “sex is a spiritual transaction, so when you are doing it by yourself, demons come and join you.”

Noah concluded: “America has two choices right now. Limit the spread of corona by following the science. Or, listen to the advice of internet randos like Dr. Demon Sperm.”

Check out the video here:

And Noah’s monologue on Congress’ coronavirus relief here:

A HuffPost Guide To Coronavirus

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