Trevor Noah’s Answer To Wanna-Be-Woke Questions From White Pals: Blacklexa

It’s great when white people want to learn how to be a “better ally” in the fight for racial justice. But, according to Trevor Noah, it’s also exhausting because the person that most white people turn to is their one Black friend.

The Daily Show” host has come up with a humorous solution to this problem: Blacklexa (“helping your white friends so you don’t have to”).

Blacklexa is a parody gadget that’s programmed to “absorb all the emotional labor of helping your well-meaning, but painfully white pals.”

“Hey Blacklexa, I want to go to a protest but I don’t know how to chant,” a white guy says in the promo.

“No problem. Let’s practice,” Blacklexa replies. “After I say ‘no justice,’ you say ‘no peace.’ No justice …”

“No bees! I’m sorry, what is it? I’m sorry.” 

Check out Blacklexa in the video above. Just don’t call her homegirl.

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