Ways to Deal With Stress the Right Way

Stress management has become a daily activity for most people working intensively in today’s society. For some people dealing with stress means going out drinking at the end of the day or smoking in breaks, for others it is regular exercise or lying on the couch. This article will have a look at some of the right ways to deal with stress.

Stress management versus stress relief

First of all, we need to clarify the difference between stress management and stress relief: Stress management means that you are consciously looking at the causes of your stress and managing them to cope more effectively with less stress and strain on the body, mind and soul. Stress relief is the way to deal with the effects of stress, without necessarily looking at and changing the causes. Stress relief is mostly finding short-term solutions which in the long run need to be backed-up with ways to alleviate the causes of stress.

Healthy stress relief

All beings experience stress from time to time. Effective and healthy stress relief will help you bridge times of stress and restore your inner balance. When stress relief isn’t effective or healthy it will add to the causes of stress and have a negative effect on your wellbeing, physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are some stress relief techniques that have proven to work:

  • Breathing exercises – will help you oxygenate your body which generates more energy
  • Meditation practice – which involves conscious breathing rhythm and helps stilling the mind
  • Physical exercise like yoga, pilates, cardio, interval training
  • Drinking enough water – up to 8 – 10 medium size glasses per day
  • Guided Imagery – taking you to a relaxing place and leaving stressful thoughts behind
  • Self-Hypnosis – similar to guided imagery, it helps you to access additional resources, create new healthy habits and stop unhealthy ones
  • Spending time in nature, either walking, gardening, bike riding, bush walking etc
  • Setting healthy boundaries – will support you to feel less overwhelmed and set priorities
  • Journaling – will help you get the worries out of your mind and on paper
  • Playing games – which means that you spend time with friends and family at the same time if not playing video games
  • Music therapy – use your MP3 player and listen to your favorite relaxing music on the way to work

Healthy stress management

Stress is experienced when the amount of time available, resources, self-belief, options, solutions, personal abilities or qualities are less than the amount of things to do, expectations, goals, time needed for delivery and requirements. Besides stress relief, in the case where there is nothing to do about the situation other than to cope with it, we need to manage the two sides of the scale to effectively manage stress in the long run. Stress management could therefore mean:

  • Asking for more resources or time
  • Reducing expectations, on others and self
  • Increasing self-belief, personal abilities or qualities by doing training and/or therapy
  • Rearranging our time line and setting ‘healthy deadlines’
  • Asking for help
  • Setting priorities and reducing the amount of things on the to-do list

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