Whippet Dog Breed – Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming and Living Conditions

Temperament: The Whippet is a very affectionate, devoted companion that has intelligent and can be lively. This breed doesn’t work well with harsh or rough training. They are a sensitive dog that needs to be treated gently, but with a set of rules and training given to suit their temperament. Variety is the key to getting the dog trained, with good running games. They are good with children but will not like rough and tumble. This dog is easy to travel with and make good travel companions.

This dog is in the hound family and you need to know that this dog will chase cats and kill them. They can be good with cats, they have been raised with. This breed can be used well as a hunting dog. This dog has fantastic sprinting speeds and can turn on a dollar, whilst still in hot pursuit. Their dexterity and speed is highly impressive to see. To gain the best from this breed you need to be a good pack leader and keeping the dog as a dog will avoid small dog syndrome, that can give you behavior problems.

Health issues: The Whippet is prone to skin problems and upset stomach. This dog is in overall good health. It should be noted that if you have a rescue dog, that has come from the race tracks; they may have joint problems, due to excessive racing.

Grooming: The Whippet is very easy to keep clean and tidy all you have to do is brush over the dog with a damp chamois will add gleam to the coat.

Living conditions: This breed will be fine in an apartment if they have had the long walks they need daily. This dog needs a well fenced garden as they will chase and kill cats and other small animals.

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