Why Do Puppies Die Prematurely?

2 Days ago, my playful little pet boy Teddy passed away. Teddy boy was a teacup poodle puppy. Cute in all aspects. He was always affectionate, clingy and loves a good cuddle.

Teddyboy started feeling uncomfortable around evening. He lay in his crate and wouldn’t move. He even peed when he was lying down. Something was obviously very wrong in his body. We couldn’t get any vet to see him at that time as it was near 1am in the morning.

At one point we brought some Eukanuba to entice him to get up and it worked. He got up and was active for awhile, but then he got sick again after awhile and started to puke and wail. It really breaks my heart to see him in so much pain. Few hours later, Teddyboy passed away.

We took him to the beach and buried him under a tree. He was wrapped in his favorite sweater. The purple sweater he likes to sleep on. Here, my curious little Teddyboy will get to see yachts and boats sailing by. We planted a tree on his resting place, hoping that part of him will become the little tree. I send all my love to my dear Teddyboy that he may find peace and happiness in heaven.

I don’t think I can get another puppy in the meantime, given that I still miss my little pet boy. My mind wonders on how Teddy could be so healthy in the morning and died in the evening just like that…

Those of you who own pets, here are some reasons why puppies sometimes die prematurely, excluding accidents and physical injuries:-

1) Poisoning:

Insecticide, it can be lethal when your puppy is exposed to it.

2) Missing their Distemper Vaccination shots:

Puppies have very weak immune system and they need their vaccination on a regular and timely basis.

3) Improper Diet:

If you have a puppy, make sure you only give him dog food which is meant for puppies.

4) Lack Of/ Too Much Exercises:

Puppies, especially teacup puppies, require special care. Exercising is important but to overdo it, can strain your little pet’s heart. You should let him run a few rounds in the garden everyday and that’s it.

To minimize the chance of early premature death, it is also important that you choose a puppy which is healthy before taking the little furball home with you.

If you just bought a puppy or thinking of getting one, I can tell you that spending quality time with your puppy is the best thing that can happen to you. I wish you the best and lots of happy years with your puppy armed with the knowledge to keep your puppy happy for its full lifetime.

Source by Orlando Kent

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